About Us

LineStein tools was created to make life a little easier for the hardest working tradesmen.  We know you, because we are you.  

In our field, it's normal to: 

- Be out the door before the sun comes up and not get home until after it's gone down. 

- Work in extreme climates, away from our families for days or even weeks at a time.

- Make the sacrifices the average person can't.

Your long hours don't offer any leniency for mistakes and, frankly, your livelihood relies on your accuracy and efficiency.  Your work needs to be on point from start to finish.  

LineStein Tools is creating tools for your industry.  Products that make your work easier, more efficient without compromising accuracy.  No more make shift tools to help you finish your job.  

We will continue to create and distribute tools that serve hard working trades.  Trades we respect because their hard work benefits us all.

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